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Tuesday, February 25, 2003
Letter to

I would like to express my disgust with Ellen Ratner's continued attacks against America.

This nonsense about America providing Hussein with WMDs is perpetuated through respected venues such as WND.

1) No government entity ever provided Hussein with WMDs
2) Private corporations and possibly some government entities were given the green light to provide Iraq with samples of certain contagion in order for them to use it in testing and serum/antidote manufacture.
3) Never has it been proven by anyone that there was ever the direct purposeful distribution of contagion to Iraq for the expressed purpose of killing millions of Iranians. If there had been, I’m sure that we would have seen the war crimes trials on that already.

I can’t believe you choose to host such a hateful person.

Her “pretend” article about Hussein’s trial is what she and her liberal left loons think is reality.

I’m sure you think that you are doing this because either you will stir up debate and increase your readership or that you want to pretend that you are being “fair and balanced”.

To use an overused comparison with a certain villain, America’s newspapers published Hitler’s articles. Did that make them better newspapers?

Sunday, February 23, 2003
Another note on the fire in Rhode Island

The media is just as big a part of the money for death as the reporter was. If out of decency they didn't pay for or show the film clips that the reporter shot there would not be a market for them.

I can't believe that there isn't a major outcry against this type of inhumanity. It looks like the public is just interested in viewing human suffering and doesn't see the horror.

Let me put this to you again. The reporter moved around filming people stuck in the doorway. Without helping those and others to escape he was personally responsible for the deaths of untold lives. And you are watching it on TV.

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