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Saturday, February 08, 2003
I Was emailed this link:

I agree with a lot of what this person is saying.

The challenge for our government is to figure out how to be at war with terrorism and protect our civil liberties at the same time. At least we're not as bad as WWII...yet.

It will take years to figure out how to "investigate" to prevent 911 style attacks in this country. We will make mistakes for sure, but I would prefer that we err on the side of caution until we figure things out.

The thing to notice though is that this is a story from PBS, by Bill Moyers of all people. A liberal station with one of the most liberal and biased news representatives of all time leading the story.

I don't think that the article shows a wag the dog scenario. I believe Clinton performed more military action, criminally investigated and tossed the IRS at more innocent people to keep heat off himself than probably any president before him, & everyone knew it. Every time he was in front of the Grand Jury lying, there went the missiles. He was a liar and everyone knew it. Check this article out, it has some stats as well as commentary:

Even when 74% of the people polled by a liberal polling company said that Clinton was not honest or trustworthy, they still gave him a top notch approval rating.

What do people not understand about honest and trustworthy?

Remember Hillary with her "Right-wing conspiracy" attack on the conservatives during the investigations against her hubby? Did she come out afterwards and say that her hubby was a jerk and has had more affairs then even she could believe? Nope, not a word, not even an apology for her conspiracy theory.

The Iraq War

What's fascinating is to read the dems words during the Clinton administration. Daschle for instance agreed with everything that Clinton said about us having to attack Iraq. Clinton's words were almost verbatim to Bush's about the Iraq issues and yet Daschle is attacking Bush, calling Bush a liar and accusing him of playing politics.

And here is our esteemed Gore, same as Daschle, against the war with reps in office but for it when dems are in office. This article is interesting though. It shows Gore actually supporting the attack during the first Bush administration:

I find that article interesting. It is about Daschle accusing Cheney of playing politics with the war on Iraq. At the campaign stop Cheney is telling folks to support the GOP candidate because he supports Bush. Wow, that's just terrible! Now why would anyone want people to vote for their representative because that person agrees with your party? Jeez, like the dems are out there stumping for their opposition candidates?

Another thing not talked about right now. Clinton's heroic mission into Kosovo saving the Muslims. Here's what those "liberated" people have been doing since the war:

Hundreds of thousands of non-Albanians and Serbs have been uprooted or killed while NATO and the U.N. look the other way.

I believe Christians and Jews, and any other religion in the world that is not a part of Islam needs to watch out. The radicals may not be the majority, but they are killing or by force converting millions of people that don't agree with their religion.

Here are some of their tactics:

And to wrap it up...

In my opinion, since 911 the dems think everything is still politics as usual. They look at major events that shape public opinion and affect elections like opportunities, and because a rep is in office during this "opportunity" they believe that they are missing out on the biggest slew of votes that they could ever hope to get from one event.

Their bitter divisive attacks on reps in the face of global danger is nothing short of dangerous and childish.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003
The Rutherford Institute

They claim to be sticking up for the Honor Guardsman who was fired for saying God Bless America. Then when you go to the link that is posted on their & other linking sites it goes to a donor page.

Lame, get a life.

If you want me to sign your petition I would be glad to, but to direct me to a page where I have to give you money to do so is about as low as it gets!

I just went past the point where it asks me for information on the petition by putting in false information. Even though they don't ask you for money, it goes to a donor page. It even has the comment "no credit card information can be recalled" at the bottom of the page that I have linked up top. Because of that I did not want to continue signing the petition, but I was curious to see if they really asked for credit card information.

I was glad to see that they did not, but it is stupid to link this petition to a donor page. I'm sure there are many people that won't continue on because of that donor page & the petition won't get signed by as many people as it might be.

So it goes