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Saturday, December 07, 2002
My response to Miss Grenier's article about how funny the movie "Analyze That" was:

Miss Grenier,

I'm no stick in the mud. Matter of fact, I grew up with plenty of violence.

I certainly don't need to see people glorifying violence, or hoods that inflict violence on others. You miss the point on these movies that spew hatred just like the nation missed the point with the danger of the Sopranos.

It is not humorous to laugh with/at mobsters. They are responsible for maiming and murdering countless people.

Look what we glorify and view as entertainment in this world:

„« Movies that make it a point to show every detail of gore, death and horror (hence the name of course)
„« Gangster movies that try to make violence either as real as possible or let us laugh at their foibles

Obviously those are only a couple of things that do not need to be advertised to the public as entertainment. Jeffrey Dahmer made a meal out of children and we didn't find it entertaining, but let a famous actor portray a person who enjoys feasting on your mother or father or children (Hannibal) and it's entertainment. Matter of fact, he won an award for it and bragged how perfectly the role was written for Hopkins and his acting skills. This man seriously needs a psychiatrist.

And so do you if you think that it is entertaining to watch gangsters and think that they are funny in any way. They are violent murdering thugs that deserve nothing less then jail and padded cells.

Humor to them is watching a man flop around after they shot out his kneecaps. Humor to them is how much a person begs for his life before he/she is shot to death. Humor to them is selling drugs to our nations children, wives, husbands, fathers etc..

Got it yet?

I don't doubt you laughed and that your friend got a laugh out of it. Next time though, see something that really is funny and doesn't have to cost someone an arm or a leg, literally.