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Saturday, November 09, 2002
Garrison Keillor - Whatta sore loser he is

I think the article that Garrison Keillor wrote sums up the Democrat party completely.

All attack, insults and diatribe, no substance.

Read the article

Not one fact about his policies or what Coleman has done during his administration that wasn't good for Minnesota or the country.

Also, I find it interesting how Democrats throw out the "he bought the election" thing when they don't win.

Look at CA Gov. Davis, he threw 67 million dollars ($50 million on tv spots) at his campaign.,0,3970350.story?coll=sns-ap-politics-headlines

Let's see, he went into the campaign at 47 percent in the polls and he won with just 46 percent of the vote. That means if he spent 3149 million dollars he would wind up with 0 votes by that argument.

Also interesting is how Keillor talks about how Coleman was a hippy and later in his life and career he grew up, making it seem as if that's a bad thing. Should Coleman still be waving the peace sign with hippy hair to fit in Keillor's world? Perhaps chanting at his father's funeral "we will win, we will win".

The Wellstone funeral was the biggest insult to America and mankind since funerals were conceived of. They used 4 and a half hours for political diatribe. The Wellstone boys ought to be ashamed. They did it on purpose thinking that's what dear ol' dad would want them to do.

They uninvited the Vice President of the United States, their supporters booed Trent Lott, Gov. Ventura and others. Interestingly enough Dan Rather had the gall to blame it on Cheney.

Fact: Trent Lott, Gov. Ventura and other left the funeral because of the insults and childish behavior.

They blame it on grief; I point to extremely poor judgment and no morals.

I'm sure long haired hippy boy chanting "we will win, we will win" is rethinking his moment of grief.

Mondale went into the election 8 points ahead; he lost by about 7 points.

Minnesota showed up in record numbers to make sure that Mondale didn't make it.

The country is tired of the hate mongering, class warfare and race card that the Democrat party has been playing. In my opinion, that is represented by the entire political system being turned over to the Republicans during mid term elections for the first time in 50 years or so.

Garrison Keillor is a great representative of where the Democrat party is. All opinion, no substance or facts.

Here are the words that are used in the article. Again, not one fact, but plenty of these:

well-financed / grabbiest / touchingest / feelingest / hugger / baby-kisser / boomer candidate / reinvents / left-wing / radical / "hair down to his shoulders" / antiwar / vile / "changed his look" / "swung comfortable" / "no dazzling light on the road to Damascus" / "no soul-searching" / "switched parties as you'd change sport coats" / glib / fervor / Fitzgerald diatribe / sprinkle water /

Jeez, enough already. I don't even want to bother to take the time to write out all his insults. The whole article is nothing but insults, opinion and diatribe.

The Facts speak for themselves.

Keillor probably doesn't like going for facts because that takes something that he probably doesn't have. I believe he lacks the determination to find the truth and present that truth with facts, not opinion. It is much easier to spout a bunch of words without any hard work investigation behind them proving your point.

I think the reason many Democrats get so mad when they debate is because they don't have facts, only opinions. The interesting thing is, they say all must be heard and pull up the freedom of speech banner, until a conservative or someone that opposes their view wants to speak.

In liberal campuses across America, Liberals are free to speak without attack. Conservatives on the other hand have to have bodyguards or are booed by the childish liberal students who don't get it that America is built on free speech, not just their speech.

Let's look at his last statement "The next six years are not
going to be kind to Norm."

Sounds like a threat to me.

Talk about a sore loser

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Empty victory for a hollow man
How Norm Coleman sold his soul for a Senate seat.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
By Garrison Keillor

Nov. 7, 2002 | Norm Coleman won Minnesota because he was well-financed and

well-packaged. Norm is a slick retail campaigner, the grabbiest and
touchingest and feelingest politician in Minnesota history, a hugger and
baby-kisser, and he's a genuine boomer candidate who reinvents himself at
will. The guy is a Brooklyn boy who became a left-wing student radical at
Hofstra University with hair down to his shoulders, organized antiwar
marches, said vile things about Richard Nixon, etc. Then he came west, went
to law school, changed his look, went to work in the attorney general's
office in Minnesota. Was elected mayor of St. Paul as a moderate Democrat,
then swung comfortably over to the Republican side. There was no dazzling
light on the road to Damascus, no soul-searching: Norm switched parties as
you'd change sport coats.

Norm is glib. I once organized a dinner at the Minnesota Club to
celebrate F. Scott Fitzgerald's birthday and Norm came, at the suggestion of

his office, and spoke, at some length and with quite some fervor, about how
much Fitzgerald means to all of us in St. Paul, and it was soon clear to
anyone who has ever graded 9th grade book reports that the mayor had never
read Fitzgerald. Nonetheless, he spoke at great length, with great feeling.

Last month, when Bush came to sprinkle water on his campaign, Norm
introduced him by saying, "God bless America is a prayer, and I believe that

this man is God's answer to that prayer." Same guy. (Jesse Ventura, of
course, wouldn't have been caught dead blathering at an
F. Scott Fitzgerald dinner about how proud we are of the Great
Whoever-He-Was and his vision and his dream blah-blah-blah, and that was the

refreshing thing about Jesse. The sort of unctuous hooey that comes
naturally and easily to Norm Coleman Jesse would be ashamed to utter in
public. Give the man his due. He spoke English. He didn't open his mouth and

emit soap bubbles. He was no suck up. He had more dignity than to kiss the
president's shoe.)

Norm got a free ride from the press. St. Paul is a small town and
anybody who hangs around the St. Paul Grill knows about Norm's habits.
Everyone knows that his family situation is, shall we say, very interesting,

but nobody bothered to ask about it, least of all the religious people in
the Republican Party. They made their peace with hypocrisy long ago. So this

false knight made his way as an all-purpose feel-good candidate, standing
for vaguely Republican values, supporting the president.

He was 9 points down to Wellstone when the senator's plane went down.
But the tide was swinging toward the president in those last 10 days. And
Norm rode the tide. Mondale took a little while to get a campaign going. And

Norm finessed Wellstone's death beautifully. The Democrats stood up in raw
grief and yelled and shook their fists and offended people. Norm played his
violin. He sorrowed well in public, he was expertly nuanced. The mostly
negative campaign he ran against Wellstone was forgotten immediately. He
backpedalled in the one debate, cruised home a victor. It was a dreadful low

moment for the Minnesota voters. To choose Coleman over Walter Mondale is
one of those dumb low-rent mistakes, like going to a great steakhouse and
ordering the tuna sandwich. But I don't envy someone who's sold his soul.
He's condemned to a life of small arrangements. There will be no passion, no

joy, no heroism, for him. He is a hollow man. The next six years are not
going to be kind to Norm.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

My word for Muslim Islamist extremists. If day to day Muslims don't watch out, they too will become muslamists.

Why do I say that? Let's look at the whole Muslim/Arab situation. Okay, not the whole thing, just the important stuff.

Arabs hate Jews. Well, not all Arabs, but most in Arabia do and certainly many in America do. The party line on this is that they will remove the Jewish scourge from "Arabia".

They pretend that it is in support of the Palestinians but that is a front for their hatred of the Jews. After all, if they really loved the Palestinians they:

a) Wouldn't have left them in squalor after they invaded the Jewish homeland and lost the war after it was given statehood. They did tell them to leave so that after they kill all the Jews they could go back. I think that makes the Arabs personally responsible for their well being.
b) Would help them financially and with humanitarian aid instead of sending them body explosive packs and $25,000 for any family whose member becomes human explosive waste.
c) Would give the Palestinians their land back, you know, the land that they stole from them after the wars they lost.

So anyway, not to drift too far from the fact that muslamists want to kill anyone who is not an Islamist. Don't believe me? In the Quran it says that they shall kill all those who do not convert to Islam. That seems plain enough to me. You might be tempted to believe that this isn't convincing enough, after all, the Bible has words like that and we don't do what it says.

Wrong, you see, the Quran, according to people of Islam, was written by the hand of God, not by people like the Bible. Big difference. The Bible is interpreted and takes on new meaning almost every year. The Quran is fixed and defined and never changes meaning. In other words, God doesn't change his mind. So if God says kill anyone who doesn't believe in him that's what you are supposed to do.

Look at the Taliban as an example. They cut off the hands or feet of thieves. They killed women who committed adultery, we saw the footage on TV where they shot the women in the Soccer stadium. Put the guns up to their heads and pulled the triggers. The men of course were not to blame. The women committed the crime of seduction.

People of Muslim faith need to make a decision. Do you defend these kinds of atrocities or condemn them? Don't start spouting off about the Israelis and what they are doing. The most common argument/defense for wrongdoing is that everyone else is doing it, why shouldn't I?

Every time an Arab is asked about whether or not they condemn the horrible bombings in Israel they do a comparison. They will never give you a straight answer against this kind of crime.

You are slowly becoming muslamists, and again, you need to make a decision. Are you partners of the world or do we have to join yours in order to exist?