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Monday, September 02, 2002
Powell is an idiot. Some call him a dove, i prefer my term. He is risking the world on his dovish beliefs that we can negotiate with Saddam. It has been 4 years since Saddam kicked out the weapons inspectors. People around the world, like Powell, still think that we should plead with this evil dictator, who has gassed thousands of his own people, who has killed his own son in law, who has shot people in the head at his board room table.

Bill Clinton rolled over and allowed Saddam to spit at us when the inspectors were kicked out. The liberals of course whine that we should have finished Saddam back in '91. If we would have done that back then they would have then called Bush a war monger and told him that he overstepped his bounds that were laid out by the UN.

The point is that we need to finish him now. So many say that we should wait and see what happens. Someone's building a cannon across the street. Shall we wait until it's completed before we do something about it?

Sunday, September 01, 2002
Sorry for all the weird characters in the last bit. When I pasted the text I didn't notice that all apostrophes were replaced with i:

Continued from 08/31/02

Did this act make John evil? Nah..after all, it¡¦s just a game. But it¡¦s a reflection of what people think and what they might really like to do if they could. Not that he would do that to me, even in that world, after all, we were friends. Don¡¦t get me started on that one.

So, did I ever do things that might be considered evil? Probably. Did that make me evil forever? No. I made a change in my life years ago and since then have been in pursuit of being the best person under God¡¦s eyes that I can possibly be. No, I¡¦m not a saint¡Kyet. Hey, can¡¦t a guy be ambitious? ƒº

Back to the main flow. I met plenty of people that had that look in their eyes. For those of you that haven¡¦t seen it be grateful. I¡¦m talking about the evil look, no, not the evil eye for you jokers out there. It¡¦s the kind of look that people have when they have crossed over into another understanding of the way things are. They might be perpetual thieves, rapists, murderers or whatever deviations there are.

Not only did I meet hundreds of these kinds of folks while in rehab but over my life it¡¦s like I have been a magnet for them. I can be walking down the street minding my own business & out of nowhere one of these folks will try to jump into my life somehow.

In this one community that I used to live, it had the reputation of being the darkest in the area. Supposedly even the cops didn¡¦t go in there unless they had to because they hated the place. In one of the houses on the fringe of the community a woman was raped and cut to pieces by a local biker gang. I knew members of that gang and because of my conversations with some of them, and the fact that they might even still be alive I won¡¦t cover them at all. Well, I will tell you that they had guns, knives, drugs, had moments of extreme psychosis and hurt people. And that was just in the time that I knew them. If you are one of them you are one of the family, as strange as it is. And while I was with them I was a member of the family. We partied and talked and had good times. Fortunately nothing too extreme happened with me around.

Folks, you went to school, graduated, got a job and pursued the American dream. Many people out there see you as prey! You are victims and live as victims. They look for the weak and take advantage of it wherever they can. They think nothing of walking in your door, raping you, killing you and your family and taking whatever they can carry. That¡¦s the point of evil.

Evil has no guilt.

Look at the cause and effect that we are dealing with in society. A murderer kills and we say ¡§oh, the poor guy, he must have had a terrible childhood¡¨. We should be saying ¡§that evil bastard, he just killed a husband, father and took away the income and happiness of an entire family which includes parents, relatives and more!¡¨

We as a society need to stop blaming ourselves for the crimes committed against us like all of the other touchy feely liberals out there who wonder ¡§what did we do to deserve 911?¡¨

Look at them passing out books on Islam, forcing our children in college to read it, to help us get a better understanding of people who hate us and want to kill us. They hand out parts of the Quran, the parts that don¡¦t talk about killing all infidels, and then they tell us that these are a peaceful misunderstood people.

I¡¦m not saying that all Muslims are hateful killers. I¡¦m saying that Islamists are looking to kill us every chance they get.

Do we have problems with China? Yeah, they kill millions of babies a year through forced abortion. But of course they look at us and say who are you to talk, you do it voluntarily.

Do we have problems with Russia, Cuba, North Korea and so on? Yep, but eventually those problems will be overcome.

It¡¦s Islamist Arabia where we are having the biggest problem. And the single biggest reason is that we are supporting their biggest enemy, Israel, and I¡¦m glad we are. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and tries to do what is right.

The Islamist Arabs do not want Israel to exist, end of story. Everything else said about that situation is smoke and mirrors.

Wake up Americans and the rest of the world. Islamist Arabs not only speak of taking over Israel, but they also speak of taking over the rest of the world. Their leaders speak daily of how they will eventually either convert or kill all infidels. This is like something out of a bad novel, but unfortunately it is true and it is happening now.

Think about it. Their culture is so far behind the western culture that if a woman is accused of having sex with a married man, even if she was raped by a married man, she would be stoned to death!

I say ¡§behind¡¨ the western culture. That¡¦s not how they think of it. They think of our culture as decadent and shameful, and is not to be tolerated. Remember the burkas in Afghanistan? They still have to wear them there and also still in most other Arab countries.

Check this out from

Palestinian militants shot a teenage girl in the head, killing her for "collaborating" with Israel, Palestinian sources said on Friday. Israel Radio reported that they subsequently released her brother, who was also abducted a few days ago from the West Bank city of Tul Karm on suspicion of aiding Israel.

They said 18-year old Rajah Ibrahim was the second female in a week to be killed by members of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, who are affiliated with Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement.

Dozens of men accused of steering Israeli troops to wanted militants have been shot dead for "collaborating," their bodies sometimes mutilated and dragged through cities, since the start of a 23-month-old intifada. But Khouli was the first woman to be killed for "collaboration" during the conflict and was also the aunt of Ibrahim.

Khouli, a mother of three, was dragged out of her Tul Karm home, made to confess to collaborating before al-Aqsa militants shot her in the chest and head.

Let¡¦s hear it for due process in the Arab world

Are Arabs evil? No, but there is a lesson to be learned here. You can see that through generational brainwashing, an entire population of people develop behavior that most people in the western world would find absolutely abhorrent.

Many years ago the UN and other groups gave money to the Palestinians to build their schools, print the books and buy needed supplies. Unfortunately nobody bothered to check what it was they were teaching these children until a generation later. Now that we look at their books we see that they have been teaching them to hate the Jews and anyone that supports them. Also Israel does not exist in any Arab schoolbook. Lesson plans include teaching hate by associating their poverty and difficult situation with the Jews. Not on the Arabs who have killed them outright and oppressed the Palestinians for so many years. Nope, it¡¦s all Israel¡¦s fault.

Even the Saudi daily Al Riyadh runs the ¡§blood lie¡¨. This is the one that talks about how the Jew¡¦s get Arab children and bleed them so that they can use their blood for the pastries.

Sound nuts? Yeah, but it¡¦s real. Here¡¦s a link to this and more:,13155,901020617-261132,00.html

So evil has been taught to these people as hate. Now many decent everyday people just look to how they can kill a Jew.

Evil is as evil does

More tomorrow

Drifted a bit there. Back to the main theme (yeah, okay, I drift a lot)

Check this headline out:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. ¡X A Seattle teenager who was knocking on doors to offer costume jewelry in exchange for donations to the Unification Church was found dead in an apartment, and a 21-year-old neighbor was charged with murder, police said.

This nice, happy, churchgoing girl, trying to make the world a better place became a victim of one of these predators that I have been telling you about.

Look at the police spokesman¡¦s response:

Charlotte police spokesman Keith Bridges said the apartment was in a "rough" area on the west side of town, "not the appropriate place to drop a female teen to solicit."

Let¡¦s add to that this comment:
Church officials said Byrne and another young church member had been going door-to-door together, then decided to split up.

Now wait a minute¡Kwhose fault was this? I know that we have the natural knee-jerk reaction of ¡§blame the victim¡¨ but come on. We shouldn¡¦t have to worry about where we go or what time it is or if we are with another person. But we do have to worry about those things. Why? Because evil exists. These evil people look for our most vulnerable situation and prey on us.

We still have to get rid of this ¡§blame the victim¡¨ thing though. It takes away from the evil that was committed.

Years ago a girl was raped by a man and the man was tried for that rape in a court of law. He was found innocent. Why? Because his lawyers proved that her clothes were too provocative and the man couldn¡¦t help himself because of it. That is the same as saying ¡§she asked for it¡¨ like so many want to toss out there.

America and many other countries around the world are breeding evil by not teaching simple responsibilities and how to have morals and decent character.

The extremist Arabs think that they can punish proper behavior into people. Obviously that doesn¡¦t work, because the men still rape women and then blame it on the woman for being provocative or ¡§asking for it¡¨.

The western nations think that we should let everyone do what they want to do. Whatever is natural. A conference on animal rights had a representative speaking who received 4 standing ovations from 400 people during his speech. One of the topics covered¡Khow to tell when an animal ¡§wants it¡¨ know, from a human. He stated that it becomes obvious when an animal wants to have sex with a human and we should just do it when it¡¦s the right time, when it¡¦s natural.

We have lost touch with reality if we really believe that the norm is for mankind to have sex with animals. Even more if we gather by the hundreds and applaud this lunacy and then laud the speaker for his insight.


Yeah, abortion is totally evil. It¡¦s hidden behind lies of ¡§rape victims¡¨ and ¡§women that might die¡¨ garbage. As if we can¡¦t pass a law to protect those few hundred women a year.

Here are some horrifying stats:

If the page doesn¡¦t load for you, I can tell you that it says that approximately 1 in 3 babies in America is murdered every year by the perpetuating lies of the feminazis and other ¡§hate man and America¡¨ groups.

What the heck, here are the rest of the stats:

How many abortions are there?
In the U.S. there are 2 reporting agencies. The U.S. Center for Disease Control is a passive recipient of reports voluntarily sent to it by the states. Since all states don¡¦t report, and many report inaccurately, these totals are under-reported. The CDC does do a meticulous job of breaking down the categories, and so these are the percentages everyone uses. The Alan Guttmacher Institute, a branch of Planned Parenthood, aggressively contacts hospitals and known abortionists, and the result is a more accurate and larger figure, which we use.
How many? During the 1980s and 1990s total abortions stayed about 1,550,000 annually, slowly decreasing in the 1990s. Note that the Guttmacher Institute reported that 10% of known abortion providers did not report. Adding 10% to its 1,550,000 equals 1,700,000. The total reported slowly decreased in the 1990s. When the unreported abortions are added (income tax evasion, cover-up for privacy, etc.), a figure of 1,800,000 may be more realistic. Live births have hovered just under 4,000,000. Therefore: Almost every third baby conceived in America is killed by abortion. 112 Abortion Surveillance U.S. 1988 Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, July 1991. S.K. Henshaw et al., "Abortion Services in the U.S., 1987-1988," Family Planning Perspectives, Vol. 22, No. 3 (May-June 1990), p. 103.
What¡¦s the story on numbers of abortion providers?
In 1973 half of all abortions in the U.S. were done in hospitals. Twenty years later it was down to 7%. Most are done in 440 large free-standing abortion chambers which did 70% of all abortions. The rest are done in doctors¡¦ offices or in clinics that do less than half of their "business" in abortion. 5 Henshaw et al., Ab. Service in U.S. Fam. Plan Persp., June ¡¦94
How far along in pregnancy were they?
Using a 1,500,000 figure, in 1992:
- 1.2% or 18,000 were 22 weeks or older
- 10.0% or 150,000 were 13-20 weeks
- 88.8% or 1,332,000 were 12 and under
Center for Disease Control, MWWR, Dec. ¡¦94
In 1994 the CDC reported that in 1993, 1.3% were done after 22 weeks or about 20,000.
How many are repeaters?
Repeat abortions were 20% in 1973 but rose to 44% in 1987. In the U.S., by 1995, 45% of all abortions were repeats. S. Henshaw et al., Ab. Characteristics, 1994-95, Fam. Plan. Persp., Vol. 28, No. 4, July ¡¦96, p. 143
What is the racial mix?
"The abortion rate for black women is approximately three times that for white women." The race of those aborting, looking at total numbers, is 63% white, 33% black and 4% "other." CDC as above 113
How many in 3rd trimester?
Probably more since the partial birth abortion technique was begun. The official figures in the U.S. stop at 22 weeks but Dr. Wm. Swartz reported on inserting laminaria in 700 women for third trimester abortions. Swartz, OB/GYN News, vol. 21, no.11, p. 23, Jan. ¡¦87

Nobody¡¦s being fooled here. Not one person on this planet can say that a human being is not being killed and really mean it. All this talk of them just being ¡§fetuses¡¨ is cover up garbage that they use to hide their guilt. That¡¦s right, guilt. People don¡¦t want to get in other people¡¦s faces and tell them what to do or not to do. So they come up with this ¡§it¡¦s the woman¡¦s choice¡¨ thing so that they don¡¦t have to be responsible. Sort of like saying, hey, she¡¦s the murderer; it¡¦s her choice, not mine.

That just doesn¡¦t cut it. I was a victim of that garbage when I was a teen. There I was thinking that I was going to be a dad & the next thing I know I¡¦m mourning the loss of my child because the parents didn¡¦t want my girlfriend to have the child. That was my kid too, but most often the man is not the victim. In this case they say that the family of the daughter was the victim because she and I were underage and we could not raise that child. They said that it was their right to get rid of it.

What about me? It was my kid too.

I know there are many men out there mourning the loss of their children because they have no say. A few weeks ago this man knew exactly what I was talking about:

In case it doesn¡¦t load, it is about a man who got an injunction against a woman who was pregnant with his child. She was talked into an abortion by her mother and the father wanted the child. Unfortunately the case was overturned and the poor child was murdered anyway.

A quote by some feminist moron from that page:

Elizabeth Cavendish, legal director for the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League, said she could not recall another case of a court prohibiting a woman from having an abortion.
"It absolutely stunned me when this happened; it's clearly an error as a matter of law," she said. "You wonder what judge in this country is unaware that women in this country have the right to choice."

You wonder what that woman thinks when she has sex with a man. Hmm, sex, does that get me pregnant?

And how can she be called the legal director of blah blah and Reproductive Rights Action League? She believes in reproductive death, not life. (yeah, I know, sounds weird)

Evil is as evil does

It¡¦s darn simple ladies. If you don¡¦t want babies don¡¦t have sex. If you have sex and get pregnant, do the responsible thing, either have the baby and treat it right or give it up for adoption. Same goes for you guys, if you get a woman pregnant do the right thing and be a man. Raise the child, take care of the woman and be a decent man. Don¡¦t blame the world on your problems that you created!